Furthermore, we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance with his purpose... romans 8:28 (cJb)

So just who is Bethany Andralyn Rose? It's kind of a long, complicated story, but here is the summary:

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My mother was a drug addict, and she drank when she was pregnant with me, so I was born with some medical problems. As a result, I have been blind from birth, have tonic-clonic seizures and asthma. My mother wasn't properly equipped to care for a child, much less one with disabilities. She continued to drink and use drugs during the twelve years that I lived with her, and she was physically, verbally and emotionally abusive. She also neglected me, and she taught my brother that it was okay to abuse and neglect me as well.


About six weeks after I turned twelve, my teacher of the visually impaired contacted the state Department of Social Services, told them that I was being abused, that I was suicidal and explained that my mother was going to kill me if they wouldn't remove me from the home. I was placed in foster care for seven months. Then, DSS found my biological father (who had not been a part of my life until that point). I had to take a paternity test to be sure this person my mother named really was my father. And three months later, I moved to a different state and was formally adopted into his family.

A New Family

Now I had a new family: a father, a stepmother, and five siblings! But where was I supposed to fit in? I didn't have to be afraid that my mother would get me back again. Could I be sure that this family wouldn't hurt me? What was my role? Before, I had been isolated and neglected. I didn't know how to be a sister or a daughter in a healthy, functioning family. They got me involved in extracurricular activities; I especially liked choir and gymnastics. I also went to summer camps for blind youth in the state. There was one problem, though. My family members didn't know how to handle a child with post-traumatic stress disorder. I don't think such a thing even crossed my parents' minds, and I certainly didn't know how to articulate what I was feeling. Hence, I basically remained isolated, depressed and continued to struggle with Ptsd symptoms in secret.

When I was eighteen, and finished my last year of summer camp, I moved out of my parents' home and went to a residential school for the blind to attend a transition program for blind students. I also attended some college classes; at the time, I thought I was going to be a teacher. Thatg was also the time I began going back to therapy. However, my depression and the self-injury got worse instead of better as counseling progressed. I think that's because we didn't spend any time working on coping skills before we started working on the trauma and my relationship difficulties with my parents. That was my fault, though, because I wasn't telling anyone just how hard things were for me. Things escalated with my mental illness, and I began making really stupid choices. I ran away from school and moved back to my birth place. I reunited with my former foster family, and it didn't take but four months to learn some startling discoveries about them.

The Revelations

Remember how I said I was in foster care? For awhile, I lived with the foster family, and I helped care for their adopted children with multiple disabilities and their biological preteen daughter. Shortly after I moved into my own apartment, I decided to contact my dad and stepmom, and this made my former foster mother very angry; she no longer had complete control over me. I wanted to reconcile with my family. It was my boyfriend who helped me to understand that she was also using me, and it was very unhealthy. She had me believing that I owed her big time, but my boyfriend helped me understand that it simply wasn't true. After a trip to a different state to a conference where I reconciled with my family, I gained the courage to confront the former foster mother, and then I learned how ruthless she could be. She started spreading rumors about me and poisoning her childrens minds with just unbelievable accusations and lies about me. To this day, thirteen years later, the family still won't speak to me, and they are filled with hatred toward me. That's all but one member.

Turning Points

I felt like I had been abandoned again, this time by the former foster family. My mental illness and self-injury got worse until one night when I was sitting in my dark apartment. I realized that I had nowhere to turn except to the Lord God Almighty. He was my last resort. And I found Him there, just waiting to take all of my burdens and help me heal. Then, I started praying and thinking about how I could use my past for good, and I decided to go back to school. I wanted to study psychology and get my master's in counseling and doctorate in psychology so I could help people like me. I absolutely loved my academic program! However, I did have some problems with roommates and disability services stafThat made things harder and exaserbated things with my mental illness. Then, two semesters before I was slated to graduate, I sustained a traumatic brain injury, and I had to withdraw from school. I haven't been able to return to school or go to work because of the traumatic brain injury, chronic kidney disease, mental illness, fibromyalgia and recurrent kidney stones. I had to move to a different state, and I eventually moved into an assisted living facility because I couldn't handle all of the medical conditions on my own anymore. I'm currently at my second facility, just had four surgeries to remove an eight millimeter kidney stone and finally feel well enough to start putting this website together again. In addition, I'm working with the Chosen Ones foster care/adopt ministry as their social media director. I'm finally at a point where I can see how the Lord may be using the pain of my past for good.

Did You Know?

Here are some random, mostly lighthearted, facts about me.

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